Daily Quotes


My years on earth have taught me a lot. Some lessons I learned through the hard way and some were experiences.

Finding a true friend whom your soul connects with and makes your life easier is like the hardest task ever.

Some deceivers all come with the intention of friendship and loyalty. Some come to drain your inward happiness and be parasitic. This is the main reason you have to keep your eyes wide open when choosing friends.

Don’t let your friends choose you; choose them, in that way you get to know the ones meant for you.

True friends will always make life easier for you. This is because the kind of friends you should make are those who have the same belief as you and always supportive.

 When you walk alone you move faster but not farther, your true friends will be there to walk with and make life less stressful and easier for you all.

Friendship and love shouldn’t be one-sided. You receive what you give. If you are surely always there for your friends they will always be there for you too.

Meeting the positive friends are always hard, if you find them, keep them because they are rare.

Time doesn’t define who a true love is.  The length you stay with someone doesn’t determine their characters. Chameleons change their color in different environments.

Always be careful when with the kind of people you keep around yourself as they can affect you negatively. If you find the most real friends, keep them. That might be the last of their kind.  

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