One of the obstacles to visions and success is emotions.

People at times in their life get hooked up between attending to their feelings or facing their visions.

You can only win when your mind is stronger than your emotions.

Many at times ones weakness is actually emotions. It can get your mind off the road of success and crash you in shambles.

Vision and the zeal to win is a unique gift from God. Many people wake up each day with no sense of vision or accomplishment and many things to be done, yet they don’t know what to do.

There can be people with visions but they are stuck in the mud of emotions and low-self esteem. They have a vision but they couldn’t fight their emotions from getting in their way of success. They fell for it. It is delusional.  

In each journey of success, there are always holes and obstacles. Holes of darkness and crashes of feelings and responsibilities. Obstacles that can either be your emotions, feelings, family and all worth not.

You can only win and aspire if your mindset is stronger than your emotions.

Emotions are the weak points of man. It is not actually that much of a problem. The problem is allowing it to get in the way of your goals.

There’s an adage that says that ‘’there is a little that can withstand a man and that’s conquering himself’’. Every successful story always has its own sacrifices. It didn’t just happen. There were a lot of trials that were conquered.

Make up your mind and put your goals first. Be optimistic that everything will be okay and fall into places.

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