Remember the twins on ‘Little House on the Prairie’? This is them today

The Little House on the Prairie is one interesting show you can never get tired of. The actors did great and it might shock you that the role of Carrie Ingalls, the third daughter of the Ingalls family, was played by two identical twins.

They are 51 years today and the twins Sidney and Lindsay Greenbush looks so beautiful.

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Rachel Lindsay and Sidney Robyn Greenbush were born on May 25, 1970, in Los Angeles, California. Sidney was born first and Rachel came three minutes after.

Sidney and Rachel were born into acting as their father, Billy Green was an actor and appeared in films such as ”Five Easy Pieces” (1971) and guested in one episode of the tv hit M*A*S*H. They were always around their father while filming so it’s not surprising they chose his career.

Billy Green Bush in M*A*S*H (1972)

The girls got their first role in “Sunshine” where they shared the role of Jill Hayden.

Michael Landon was the one who recommended them for the role of Carrie Ingalls.

After a meeting, they were welcomed on board and the twins became famous.

Carrie is often remembered from the opening credit and theme show, which showed one of the twins running and falling over.

Rachel Lindsay told People Weekly in 2001, “Robyn fell because she had her shoes on the wrong feet. But Michael Landon ended up loving it. It was a natural accident and it became so treasured.

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”I remember running down the hill & getting going too fast. I fell & then when I got up I remember my Mom was standing by the camera trying to get me to run again & I thought to myself “Nu-uh, no way well just walk”.

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I wouldn’t do it again & Rachel wouldn’t either, so since both takes had falls in them they decided to leave it that way. Who knows maybe that was the inspiration for America’s Funniest Home Video,” Robyn said.

The twins’ older brother clay was also in the little house on the prairie.

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After leaving the series, the twins went on to pursue a career in acting but it was hard getting gigs.

Rachel Lindsay told Zunshine.com, ”We auditioned for a lot of the same roles and it cost us a lot of parts because nobody ever wanted to choose between us and hurt the other one’s feelings. We were already used to that and we knew only one could get the roll.”

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They retired from acting and attended college as well.

The twin girls are doing great for themselves and we are happy for them.

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