Tim Curry’s family kept his stroke from the public eye – the cult actor is now 76 years old

Following his appearance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tim Curry became a cult actor. The English actor and musician began his career on the stage and has been acting for almost four decades.

Tim’s life was turned upside down after he had a stroke in 2012. Thankfully, he lived, but the 76-year-old had to undergo physical and speech treatment for many years.


Tim Curry was born on April 19, 1946, in Grappenhall, England. James worked as a Methodist Royal Navy chaplain, and Patricia worked as a school secretary.

Tim’s family moved to Hong Kong when he was a baby. His father suffered a stroke there, and tragedy struck. As a result, his family relocated to Plymouth, England. His maternal grandfather, who lived nearby, was someone he spent a lot of time with (and, coincidentally, helped him in a role later on in life).

Tim demonstrated promising singing talent as a result of his father’s church activities. Tim began singing in his local church at the age of six, and four years later, he was a Shakespearean actor.

Curry and his family relocated to London after his father died.


He went to Bath’s Kingswood School boarding school and seemed destined for a career in show industry from an early age. Tim moved on to Birmingham University to study acting after graduating. He earned a dual degree in drama and theatre studies in 1968.

While in Birmingham, Curry lived with actor, screenwriter, and director Patrick Barlow. Curry, as previously stated, was a fantastic singer at the time. On the other hand, his acting hadn’t really taken off yet.

Curry was, in fact, considered a major solo star.

“I remember being awestruck by his wonderful singing voice — it was just flawless, like something he was born with – it came ready-made,” Barlow told The Guardian.


“We’d go to university parties and end up drinking and doing whatever, and he’d break out into song with this wonderful bluesy voice.”

Nothing could stop Curry from appearing in television shows, films, and theatre productions at this time. He continued to sing well into his sixties. However, tragedy struck in 2012, when the beloved entertainer had a stroke. He thankfully survived, but the tragedy had a significant impact on his life.

Curry’s stroke was allegedly kept a secret for a year by his family and friends, but his health was eventually revealed to the Daily Mail. After his stroke, the actor and singer had to go through years of physical and speech treatment. Despite the fact that it would affect his life forever, Tim felt convinced that he would survive.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – DECEMBER 04: Actor Tim Curry poses for a photo during Emerald City Comic Con at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on December 04, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images)

Curry found humour to be “essential” in his recovery from a stroke.

In 2015, the 69-year-old actor told Los Angeles Magazine, “I’m doing good and looking forward to it.” “I’ve done a couple of fundraisers for the Actors Fund, and I believe it’s a fantastic institution.” I’m hoping I won’t have to use it.”

“It’s not difficult to keep up,” he added. “It’s simply in my DNA.”

Tim continues to get physical and verbal treatment to this day as part of his recovery, according to his website.

Despite having had a stroke, he has continued to work and do what he enjoys. Tim now resides in Los Angeles. He has never been married and has no children, according to his biography.


He enjoys reading and painting in his spare time. Curry is also a keen gardener, according to all accounts. As an interior designer, he’s constructed a stunning garden on his property and developed properties and residences throughout the Los Angeles area.

“Tim has been attending conventions since 2016 to meet his fans and pose for photos, and he continues to participate in monthly private autograph signings.”

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