Richard Chamberlain: The star of the thorn birds at the age of 86

Richard Chamberlain stole the hearts of many all over the world, but the old and young, once you have seen him on your screens, you can’t but fall in love with him.

Richard Chamberlain came into the spotlight in the 1960s and ever since then he has been part of many popular movies and shows.

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When he played the role of Dr. Kildare, it was as if he left an indelible mark in the hearts of many. He became the single biggest heartthrob on television at that time. He was the perfect person for the role as he got all that’s needed to be done.

Richard has many secrets surrounding his life. Some he wasn’t willing to own up to because of the backlash that might come with his choices.

Sooner, the news about his sexuality was everywhere and people had mixed reactions; he was carrying the secret of being gay.

Richard Chamberlain was born in Beverly Hills, California on March 31, 1934. During his childhood days, Richard loved listening to radio especially radio drama and mysteries.

Richard wasn’t interested in going to school and he didn’t know what to do in life either. He wasn’t so sure if he was going to be an actor either, but as soon as he got involved in the entertainment industry he knew that’s where he was meant to be.

”We used to go to double-bills on a dime and I thought, ‘Whoa, that’s a good place to be—up on the screen,’” he recalled.

“I was always fascinated with the idea of being an actor. The problem was I was always a little withdrawn, shy, and not very sure of myself. But the people up on screen seemed so confident.”

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His interest grew in acting when he attended Pomona College, where he was part of many productions and people praised him for playing his roles exceptionally.

After his college, Paramount pictures showed interest in him and wanted him to work for them. The Korean war was going on at that time, he was drafted into the Army to serve for 16 months in December of 1956.

When the war was finally over and he made his way back to the United States, he knew the next place he was going to was Hollywood.


In 2003 he released a memoir Shattered Love, in which he came out as a gay man, at age 69.

“When you grow up in the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s being gay, it not only ain’t easy, it’s just impossible,” Chamberlain told the New York Times.

“But just in the last couple of years, I’ve felt this wonderful freedom to really … just be myself.”

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