The real reasons why Val Kilmer dropped out of the Hollywood spotlight

One of the many things Hollywood is known for is dropping someone off along the way. The whole spotlight seems so impartial and fake and most times it leaves the victim broken and unfulfilled.

We all know about many stars, who had great talents, but suddenly we stopped hearing their big names, they quietly went into extinction and it seems like they never graced the surface of the earth.

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Val Kilmer seems like he knew the Hollywood tactics and didn’t want to be forgotten so soon like many. He made his mark in the sands of time and secured his position as everyone’s favorite.

Val Edward Kilmer was born in Los Angeles on 31st December 1959. His father Eugene Kilmer is an aerospace equipment distributor and real estate, developer. So it was quite obvious his family had no history of actors even though it was hard imagining in another profession.

It came as a surprise to his parents when his parents saw that their son was a natural showman.

Val attended Chatsworth High School, after which he went on to Hollywood professional school, where he became the ever youngest admitted student in that institution.

He graduated with great skill even though he had lots of issues with the authorities because of their system, he always wanted to go his way.

Val started making his name in the show business and he was good. During those moments he was always building a reputation with the ladies and dated the likes of Ellen Barkin and Cher.

He made his film debut 1984 spy spoof movie Top Secret!, after which he also featured in a supporting role in Real Genius (1985).

It was this role that brought him into the spotlight as he acted alongside Tom Cruise as Iceman in a top gun.

He became a big star after the movie aired as it was a blockbuster film, it was a huge success.

He appeared in the ABC afterschool Special One Too Many with Michelle Pfeiffer. It didn’t take long before rumors of them dating started going around.

A rumor will always be a rumor as it was later revealed that Val hasn’t found his soulmate yet.

Val got married to Joanne Whalley and they welcomed their little girl Mercedes in 1991. In 1994, Joanne had a son and he was named jack. Their divorce notice came as shock to many after 8 years of their marriage.

Kilmer’s reputation among the powers that be in Hollywood broke when he refused to play the major role of Batman any longer and soon he was sliding through the doors of Hollywood.

Val felt it was a relief as he had other projects he wanted to pursue and has been living his best life ever since then.

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