Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber – the wonderful love story behind their 30-year marriage

Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber are one of the most loving Hollywood couples. It has been decades since they tied into a knot. But the couple always kept their relationship private.

They never wished their private life to become a news update. Harmon was an entertainer and worked on the stage of the NCIS show for a long period of time whereas his wife Dawber is a famous actress.

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Their relationship holds a loving story behind it. The couple is so conscious about their privacy that they even kept their children away from headlines.

Mark Harmon was not the first from his family to reach the height of success and remain in the spotlight. His wife Pam Dawber was a model and started performing in movies and commercials onwards.

However, they were a celebrity couple star but they never wished for fame. All that they had was the reward for their hard work and struggle.

Mark Harmon & Wife Pam Dawber (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella / Getty Images

When they met for the first time they were both well-known and popular celebrities.The couple tied into a knot in 1987. Their marriage ceremony was held in California at Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City.

Only a few people were invited to be a part of the ceremony. The wedding ring of Harmon was of an eagle shape.

Harmon said “We think it was my grandfather’s because it was in a box of things that my dad left, I wear it or a few others I have because when I’m not shooting, I like to make sure I have something on my ring finger, because I’m proud to be married, and I’m proud of who I’m married to. I’m just so proud of her”

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But it was shocking for Dawber’s fans when she gave up on fame for her children. She said “I was in a number one show, I had my own deal, I got to do Broadway, I got to do musical theater.

I got to do cartoon voices,” Dawber told Entertainment Online. “Did everything you can do in this business, and then I had children and it’s like, ‘I’m not going to chase this fame thing.’

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