Couple marries after 50 years apart and tracks down daughter they gave up as teens

True love will always withstand the test of time, no matter how long it takes what’s yours will always come back to you.

Denny and Karen Vinar are two people that are meant to be together and no matter how they tried to pull apart from each other, nature has its way of bringing them back together.

The couple parted ways 50 years ago amidst unpleasant circumstances. They were teenagers in love and along the way they had a beautiful daughter, which they gave up for adoption. They met again after 50 years and were the happiest people ever, but their joy wasn’t complete because they weren’t with the proof of their love.

Denny and Karen Vinar attended the same high school in 1961. He was a popular school athlete and she played the clarinet with the school band. “I only lived two blocks from the school, so he would walk me home after school practically every day,” said Karen.

After football games or basketball games, you’d run down and shower and she’d be waiting up there all for me,” said Denny.

Karen got pregnant at 15 and that was the most trying moment for the duo. Denny wanted to get married to Karen, but her parents were against the union.

Her parents took her to unwed mother’s home where Denny was allowed to visit a few times.

The day their daughter was born, the new parents got to hold her for an hour before the adoption. “That was the last we saw of her. We had a photograph taken of her and that was the last of our memories of her,” said Karen.

When Denny returned from the military and proposed to Karen for yet the second time and she said yes, but her parents were against the union because she needs to further her education.

So that was the last time they saw each other for a long time. Denny tried to keep in touch but Karen’s father intercepted his calls and letters. “I went through hell to be with her,” said Denny. “And I couldn’t.

They moved on and had families, but it seems like they never forgot about each other.

After 53 years of no contact, Denny did a search on LinkedIn for Karen in 2014. “I typed in ‘Karen Lehmann’ and there she was—the third person down. And I smacked my hands together and said, ‘That’s my lady!’” He successfully left her a message at her workplace in Washinton. “I called back immediately and said – how did you find me?” said Karen.

They spent a lot of time catching up with each other as Karen was widowed and Denny was divorced.

True love wins again as they are finally together with no one to separate them again.

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