Richard Gere’s career, net worth, and divorce settlement

Everyone surely knows about one of the most handsome Hollywood actors Richard Gere and even at the age of 72, he has never lost any of his charms.

Gere’s role in American Gigolo placed him as one of the sexiest and hottest Hollywood Actor; this has made him America’s heartthrob, a name he might never lose.

Ever since Gere was a student he wanted to be involved in either theatre or music and at some points dropped out of college to pursue a career in acting. He was a middle-class student and wanted to do something special for himself.


His parent’s always questioned his actions and decisions, but they never stopped being supportive, sweet, and caring.

The doors to Hollywood were made open to him after he played the role of Julian Kaye, a male escort from L. A. The role was initially offered to John Travolta and he later got it, and he never knew that was going to be the off-shoot of his career.

After American Gigolo, he marked his prints in Hollywood, got a role in An Officer and a Gentleman, and one of the most romantic movies in history, Pretty Woman. In Pretty Woman he played the role of a businessman Edward Lewis, who fell in love with a prostitute, Sunset Boulevard, a role played by Julia Roberts.


Gere at that time was famous and Roberts was at the start off of her career, but they both played their roles very well and became one of the most famous on-screen couples.

Gere was part of many hit movies and it got bigger during the ’90s and everyone was always awaiting his new movies.

The sex symbol got a Golden award in 2002, for his portrayal of ‘’Billy Flynn’’; it was the highest-grossing musical with $306 million until 2008. He earned millions of dollars over the years, even though his choice of roles wasn’t money-based. He’s estimated to be paid between $5 and $10 million for each role.


In 1999, he was voted as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man alive and it isn’t shocking to many that he has dated many people in the past, his charm never wears off.

Gere is currently married to Alejandra Silva and they have two sons together. Alejandra told Hello! In April 2020, how much of a loving husband Gere is. He is the most loving, caring, and humble person she has ever met, and even at the age of 72 he still looks dashing as ever.

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