Richard Gere’s fortune

Richard Gere was a real symbol of sex in the 1990s because of his work in legendary movies. His most famous film was with Julia Roberts in the movie “Pretty Women”. The actor has never been seen by anyone taking alcoholic drinks or being addicted to drugs.


Richard is still an attractive and handsome man as he has been for past years. Richard was born in 1949. But after he was done with his education, he was confused about his field for what he should go.

Richard studied philosophy and films at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. But after two years he decided to pursue his career in acting.


The doors of success were opened for Richard after his performance in the movie “American Gigolo”. However, the movie turned controversial due to some naked scenes but that’s somehow he got fame.

His movie “American Gigolo”. was said to be the best movie of 1982 which raised up to 130 dollars was a real success. Particularly from a financial point of view.


Richard said it was easy for him to shoot in the movie “Pretty Women” because the caste was perfectly fine over there. Julia Roberts received only for her role because it was just the start of her career. whereas Richard was paid in few million for his role. But performing with Richard offered her much better opportunities in her future.

Firstly Richard refused to perform in the movie but after having a meeting with Julia Roberts he changed his mind and decided.


Richard got many awards for his work but in 2002 he was awarded Golden Globe Award for his role in “Chicago.”
Richard said that it was not money that made him work for his career but he was quite conscious and selective about his roles.

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