Stevie Wonder opens up about his life and how he lost his sight

Steve Wonder will always remain one of the prominent musicians that ever graced the surface of the earth.

He never let his physical disabilities be a hindrance to his goals and has accomplished a lot of great things. The Prodigy kid who took the world by surprise was blind and one will always find his story inspiring.

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Steveland Morris was born in Saginaw Michigan, on May 13, 1950. He got the name Wonder, because of the incredible qualities he possesses. He could play the instruments perfectly well at a very young age, and he wasn’t born blind.

His sight was destroyed when he was barely 6-weeks old. He was born prematurely and has to be placed in an incubator, and a doctor’s mistake cost him his sight.

He was later diagnosed with Retinopathy of Prematurity.  A condition that leads to the abortion of eye growth, which causes the retina to detach, leading to blindness.

In his talk show with Oprah, he revealed he wasn’t mad at the doctor, and he once went to the hospital and was given an award. He doesn’t regret whatever that has happened even though he still wishes to have his sight, but the deed has been done.

At an early age, Living without his sight was quite hard for him and when he saw his mom crying about his condition, he told her, that she shouldn’t worry, that he’s happy.

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He loves his mom so much and always used to say that if his mom dies, she will also die alongside her. He wants to live because he wants to be able to do what his mom loves the most, Kindness and Goodness.

He released his debut album The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie at the age of 11 years old. It was an instrumental album under the producer and label founder Berry Gordy Jr.

Wonder spoke about how he got to work with Berry Gordy Jr. His mom and lawyer never wanted it, even though most people were excited about it and that’s alone could have made the deal not to go through. Berry later talked it out with his mom and they settled their misunderstanding.

Many of Wonder’s songs are always hits and keeps on topping charts all over the world.

Stevie Wonder plans on relocating to Ghana so his children, and grandchildren won’t have to suffer the racial injustice in America.

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