Since she was five years old, The Queen has consumed a jam sandwich every day, according to her former cook

The former chef of the Queen presents royal dishes in a video on YouTube.
Jam sandwiches, according to chef Darren McGrady, had to be available at all times.
He claimed that ever since she was a young girl, Her Majesty had consumed “jam pennies.”
According to the chef, strawberry jam is typically created at Balmoral Castle.

For 15 years, Darren McGrady served as the personal chef to Princess Diana, Princes William, and Harry, as well as Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen has had a jam sandwich every day since she was five years old, her former private chef Darren McGrady revealed in a Youtube video

Regarding how to construct your own royal afternoon tea at home and the kinds of sandwiches that would be served there, Mr. McGrady posted a video to his 226,000-subscriber Youtube channel.

The chef, who has served at the palace since he was a little lad, talked of the 6,000-person capacity garden events that will be conducted there.

There was only one sandwich that had to be a mainstay on the menu for the royal chefs to provide, and that was for the royal tea tent.

In the video he said: ‘They were called pennies, after the size of the old English penny’ and that other royal sandwich filling favourites were cucumber with mint cream cheese, and tomato and cheese

According to Mr. McGrady, this treat was the “jam penny,” which The Queen has been enjoying for afternoon tea ever since she first received it as a child.

He claimed that the traditional dish consisted just of bread and jam, generally strawberry jam, and a little butter.

Mr McGrady said one of the sandwiches served at royal garden parties had to be the jam penny – a jam and butter sandwich – which he said The Queen has had since she was a little girl and for afternoon tea ever since

At Balmoral Castle, we used magnificent Scottish strawberries from the gardens to prepare jam.

He added: “They were called pennies, after the size of the old English penny,” sandwiching the jam and butter slice together in the video.

Other common sandwich fillings for afternoon tea included cucumber with mint cream cheese and tomato and cheese.

The strange thing is that when I was in school in England, everyone who ate jam sandwiches was labelled as impoverished.

I wish I could show the bullies this, but here I am learning that The Queen eats them!

“A lot of that cuisine looks so straightforward, but it’s simply a reminder that there are so many naturally lovely things available that there’s no need for all this Just Eat and Deliveroo,”

Some people, however, were not fans, stating that “The Queen has eaten a jam sandwich every day since she was a child.”

A jam sandwich, bleeding jam? Boring! I would absolutely be more boujee than that if I were queen. But still, a jam sandwich is more than tasty.

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