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It’s almost Spring of 2020

Good bye winter, welcome Spring. Spring for many welcomes a new beginning with longer daylight hours, blooming flowers, budding trees, chirping birds and all blessings from God. Whomever is reading this, I pray this new season gives you renewed health and more peace. Sometimes for many, winter becomes depressing. It’s cold, grey and we’re stuck inside, unable to get out and enjoy life outside. The change in season more often than not snaps people out of the depression many suffer from the winter months. Take advantage of the warmer, fresh air and longer hours of daylight. It’s a time to get active again with your family and enjoy life outside again. A time to reconnect with nature, to plant your flowers, grow your garden and embrace each day God has given us. The change in season is a time to let go of the past and to welcome the new.

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