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No Love like a Mother’s Love

The bond between a mother and daughter is a spoken yet strong bond. Yes, a good mother loves all her children and will go the extra mile for them, but there is also an extra kind of bond between her and her daughter(s). While boys are normally more attached to their mothers and girls tend to gravitate more towards their father, yet, this doesn’t take away the mother-daughter bond. In a lot of cases, mothers are seen to be a bit harsher on their daughters than their sons. This does not stem from a lack of love, but it stems from a kind of love that is deeply rooted in need to see their daughters turn outright. When daughters grow up, they find themselves needing their mothers more often than they can imagine. Research has shown that the mother-daughter bond is a thing of the brain and the heart. According to a 2016 study, the part of the brain that regulates emotions is more similar between mothers and daughters than others. This is probably why your mom is on your speed dial list and most likely number one on the list. It is easier for your mom to understand your problems since she’s probably been there before, so it is understandable that for most of your problems, your mom is the first person you reach out to. The mother-daughter bond spans time and experiences. Despite the normal fights, disagreements, and arguments between mothers and daughters, the bond is still there. It takes extreme circumstances to break that bond. One of the most important relationships a daughter can have in her life is one with her mother. It is a connection that carries her through life’s ups and downs. It is an anchor for her in the midst of the waves and storms. Your mother will always be there for as long she lives. She will be there through your first knee scrape and your first heartbreak. She may even be the one to bridge you and your father. Mothers have been known to say they fell in love at first sight with their daughters. This is a love that carries through life. The mother-daughter bond is so special that it cannot be untied. Beyond the physical bond. Your father can be very important to you. You might even be closer to him than your mom, but when it comes to certain matters, your mom is the first person you reach out to. Remember all the times you have butt head with your mom? It is because she sees herself in some of your actions and choices—what better way to protect you than to keep you from making the same mistakes. Women exhibit similar attributes of empathy, which makes it easier for mothers and daughters to bond. They have an understanding of things beyond the physical. The mother-daughter bond is most likely to last a lifetime as it can defy times and distance.

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