Remove Secrets and Lies from Your Relationship

There are specific attributes that are the foundation for every relationship. Trust, honesty, openness, truth without judgment, selflessness, care, kindness, respect; these are some of the attributes that form the bedrock of a great relationship. Like with everything on earth, these attributes have their opposites. These opposite attributes can easily be identified as the foundation for unhealthy relationships. Ideally, relationships should be between persons who are committed to bringing out the best in each other. Whether it be a romantic relationship or an agape relationship, the attributes are the same. There can be no relationship without trust or care. In the face, all the stress we face daily, the people we are in a relationship with should be some guiding light for us and we for them. We should be confident in our relationships to bare ourselves, share, and burdens and hope to receive solace and answers. A healthy relationship will not only be a place of solace but a place of non-judgmental correction and truth. Secrets and lies kill relationships. We are all humans with a barrel load of mistakes and errors. We sometimes wish to undo our mistakes, mainly when it affects the people we love. Making mistakes is not the problem. The problem begins when we choose to either lie when we make mistakes or keep damaging secrets from our partners or friends. When we keep secrets from those we love and who love us too, we are sending a message that we do not trust them. We make them feel that we do not have confidence in their abilities to keep our secret. It could also be that the secret is a mistake that affects them when we keep such things from them; we are saying to them that we are not sure we can be forgiven. That we do not trust them enough to believe that they will forgive us. Secrets create gaps in relationships, and they lead to distrust, which eventually breaks the relationship. Lies can also destroy relationships. Lies sends the vibes of disrespect. We can say we lied to them not to hurt them, but in truth, w either never really loved them or respected them. When we proffer lies as a lesser evil, we automatically create a defense for what we have done. To be honest, we might believe that lying is the best option at the time, but it doesn’t take away the fact that it hurts the person on the other side. Consequences. No matter how much you hide a secret, everything in the dark will eventually come to light, and that is where it gets bad. We can lose our friends, our families, our loved overs over trivial issues. No matter how big or terrible a secret is, we will do a lot more harm, keeping it away from those that can be hurt by the secret rather than telling them. When we lie, we have to remember that it cannot stay hidden forever. We can protect our relationships by taking put secrets and lies.

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