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I Wish I met some people little earlier

The people We Meet in Life.

Life is a journey for each and every one of us. Even as we go through our individual journey, our journey is intertwined with other people’s journeys.

On our journey through life, we meet different people, and they impact our lives differently.

 There, persons, we meet once, but we never forget our encounter with them, for good or for bad. There are those who will be with us throughout our lives. There are those we believed will be with us forever, but it didn’t happen that way. Some persons will play significant roles in our lives, for either long or short periods.

Picture life like a movie series. Some actors will be in the series from start to finish. Some will come in for one season or feature in one episode.  Not all the actors who start the series will eventually finish it. Some actors will join the series halfway through and stay till the end. There are some who will be regular features but not the main cast. There are some unique actors who will be slated for just a single episode but will capture the hearts of the fans that the series will have to bring them back.

 This analogy fully describes how we meet people on our journey.

 Like actors, some will be the main cast, while some will be regular features.

We have childhood friends who become lifelong friends, or summer camp buddies who become our lifelong friends.

Meeting people: Right time, wrong person? Or wrong time, right person?

When we meet people for the first time, we have no way of knowing what will happen. Sometimes, first meetings can be exciting, setting the foundation for what might be a long term thing, but the excitement might fizzle out. Other times, a terrible first time meeting might yield the fruits of a life-long friendship.

There are people you will meet in your life who will wish you had met earlier in life. They will bring so much joy to you that you’d wish you knew them long before.

 There are some persons who you’d wish you had met later in life. They might have been great, but the timing was all wrong, and so you could not appreciate the relationship. Such persons, we pray we meet again when we are ready and can fully understand the relationship.

There are people we meet in life that leave us with a bad taste in our mouth.  Such persons, we wish we had never met. Our experience with people like that usually scars, if not for life, but at least for a while.

Despite whatever bad experience we might get from meeting some persons, it doesn’t stop us from meeting new people. In our daily interactions, there is always a huge possibility that we will meet people who will impact or change our lives, positively or negatively.  Only recluses might be able to get away without meeting people. Every meeting has a potential for something. Whatever that something will be in up to you, them, and some bit of fate.

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