Stunning Jaclyn Smith became a Hollywood star after ‘’Charlie’s Angels’’- she still looks as beautiful as always at 77

People in the entertainment industry like actors and actresses; there’s always a role that puts them in the spotlight of their career amidst other roles that played throughout their career journey.

Beautiful and Ageless 77 years Jaclyn Smith‚ who we all know from Charlie’s Angels and that was where her fame started.


The ageless beauty was born in Houston and she always dreamed of becoming a ballerina and at the age of three years, she got her first dancing shoes. She switched her focus from dancing to acting after she studied drama at Trinity University even though her passion for dancing never faded away.

There is a list of other gigs she was involved in like walking with the production team and she was in the spotlight again when she became a shampoo model for Breck. In 1989 she launched her signature scent called Jaclyn Smith’s California which happened after she has worked with Max Factor.


She moved to New York after graduating and that was the best decision she ever made as it was the starting point of her journey to success. It opened many opportunities for young and ambitious smith.

It was during those moments she was far from home that she was able to explore a lot of daring opportunities and find out the right way for her.

As she told medium ‘’while I started on dancing‚ like a magnet I was pulled into acting in commercials and miniseries and just loved it.’’ She went deeper into the entertainment industry taking and exploring different characters and she knew she made the right decision.

During the interview, she said she never knew she could get the role of Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels as she wasn’t so ambitious about it. In her own words, ‘’I wasn’t a driving ambitious actress like ‘I have to get thus role’. I just went in I had fun.’’

The Charlie’s Angels which first series was aired in 1976 was a huge success that earned lots of golden globes and award nominations.

After the series which Jaclyn Smith earned $5000 at the beginning of the episode and earned $40‚000 subsequently, she still got another role which also made a great impact on her acting career.

She owns a clothing brand and is a successful businesswoman married to Anthony B. Richmond and has two children with him.

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