This is how Matthew Labyorteaux looks like today

A television series”Little House” on the prairie was the most famous and almost 36 years had passed when its last episode came on the air. However, after so much time we still feel closer to the Ingalls family who presented great performances to their viewers and made our day full of fun. If you have been a fan of the series you must remember Albert Quinn Ingalls, the role which was played by the young Matthew Labyorteaux. In today’s time, Mathew works for television shows as a voice artist.

Matthew Labyorteaux Early Life

Albert Ingalls and Jonathan are brothers in the real life. Matthew Labyorteaux was born on 8th December 1966 in America in the city of Loss Angeles. He also is good at playing video games.

Matthew Labyorteaux was adopted as a child although he didn’t speak until he was 5 and often threw tantrums, he was supported by his family and went on to be a successful child actor. Labyorteaux later became a voice actor whose credits include animated series and films, including 1998’s Mulan, as well as video games.


His performance in ” little house look back to yesterday” brought him to the spotlight of success. But the viewers are still unaware of what happened at the end. The acting was something that came naturally to Mathew. He said, ” it’s something I’ve done since I can remember, and I loved to do it .”

Popular Networth

Matthew Labyorteaux was twice nominated for the award of a young artist in 1982 and 1983. In the movie ” whix kids” he played the role of computer technologist and he is good at technology in his real life as well. He became Pac-Man champion of the united states in 1982. Today Matthew Labyorteaux is still as charming as he used to be. r: He had a hole in his heart at birth that doctors felt would heal on its own.

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