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Thank God for everything you have and learn to forgive

It is undoubtedly like a man to provoke and get provoked by his fellow being during the cause of interaction, work, or play.

The truth remains that no matter how hard we try to behave or not get provoked by our fellow beings, we end up getting annoyed and angry still because, as robots also there is a limit to what everyone can endure.

Man is created in such a way that he can get angry or pissed at whatever his follow human does. It is allowed and understandable. We shouldn’t let that anger or hate be in our hearts. Learn to forgive even when people don’t ask for it.

People will always push us into actions we never called for or make us angry for no reason. We shouldn’t breed hate or anger.

Anger is like burning charcoal that starts from burning its holder before it can reach a third party. Anger is like a virus to our inner peace and soul, do not breed it.

Learn to forgive people and let go of wrongdoings. They are in the past, and we should pray to God for a better, promising day filled with fewer worries and pains.

Thank God for what you are now and how you are. You can never be sure of what will happen next. Live in the present and always make the best out of it.

Every night forgive those who hurt you, pray for those who need it, and thank God for everything you have.

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