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One of the best feeling is losing attachment

We often seem to neglect our importance and worth in the pursuit of things that don’t matter.

I will always put myself and happiness first before any other thing in the world. Some might deem it as selfishness and not being understanding, but I term it doing the necessary.

People might call you names for always putting yourself first, but always bear in mind that whatever happens to you, after all, isn’t anyone’s business.

It is still your cross at the end, so don’t let anyone be the architects of your fate. You can’t share what you don’t have; one can’t share happiness and love if he/ she doesn’t have it.

Always consider yourself first before others. Don’t get saddened up because of someone; it doesn’t change the situation. One of the world’s best feelings is when you finally let go of the attachments to someone who has repeatedly proven they are no good for you.

Love isn’t always rosy, but that doesn’t mean you should get yourself stuck in thorns. Love shouldn’t be one-sided and forced; if your partner isn’t responding, that person isn’t the one meant for you.

Holding onto shadows always backfire. If your partner can’t fit into the picture you ever dreamed of, let it go, people hardly change. Lose that attachment before it gets too late, and you get hurt. Love is a mutual feeling between two people.

If you don’t feel butterflies at the mention of his/ her name, then he/ she is probably not the one meant for you. Be with someone you don’t need to interpret your soul to, not someone who describes you as being crazy. Love is a beautiful thing, but when it gets hurtful, let it go.

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