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We need love, understanding and compassion

We need love, we need compassion, we need understanding, we all need patience and we need to heal. We all need to come together. We might not always agree, understand or accept other people’s ways, but we have to show respect to each other.

We all can get better at showing love, giving concern, and putting the feelings of others before our own. We all are very capable of treating each other as human beings. We were all given this life because we are worthy to live it. It doesn’t take one person, it takes every person to accomplish a very simple, much needed gesture to simply make this world a better place for all to live in. Write it on your heart, make it a goal to treat others how you would want to be treated. We are never going to overcome our differences if we don’t start somewhere. Start here. Start now. Start today! We were all given this beautiful world to live in, we are all given an equal chance at this life that has been given to us. Nobody is better or less than you are. Acceptance of others is the only way. Love is the answer and peace is the way. Let’s come together and let’s stay together.

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