The family you marry into is important

Getting married is a huge step and life long commitment to your partner. But what if your spouse and your parents aren’t on good terms? It can cause a major strain on any marriage for both husband and wife, and even children. Families are our backbone, they support us when we’re down and celebrate with us in good times. I believe respect for each other’s family and their traditions will go a long way. Even if at times you aren’t in agreement with their ways or you get bent on the way they do things, maybe for the sake of disagreements, it’s best to bite your tongue. Although, sometimes that is easier said than done! The bottom line is that husband and wife should support each other and should each try to keep peace and calmness between parents and spouses. Sometimes you are going to have to suck it up and go with the punches your mother in law dishes out. If the love between you and your spouse is strong, and you support each other, then you will be fine. If you’re not defended, good luck! It’s a tough one! Sometimes overlooking the bad will let you see the good.

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