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A Strong Friendship

Friendship can happen anywhere and at any time. When two people become friends, the threads of their lives are intertwined.

Friendships come in levels. There are acquaintances or work friendship, Childhood friendships, social group friendships, environment friendships (e.g. School, Church, etc.).

Regardless of the underlying factor, we cannot deny that when friendship happens, it is a beautiful thing.

Like love, friendship can be instant or can grow over time. It becomes something important to everyone involved.

Whether the friendship is between two persons of the same gender, opposite gender, or a group of persons, there is no denying that the friendship carries its own energy. Most times, the energy of every friendship is drawn from the individuals in it. It is a blend of all their personality. This gives the friendship a unique tone.

Genuine friendship is one where every party involved is self-less, giving, caring, kind to each other. They are always there for each other, distance notwithstanding.

Genuine friendship is when everyone involves feeling safe enough to share their problems without fear of judgment.

A strong friendship is a genuine one.  Strong friendships defy time and distance. It is true and unselfish. It defies individual flaws and mistakes.

Only a true friend will tell you your errors without making it sound judgmental.

Strong and true friendship exists in the heats of those involved.

A strong friendship does not require daily conversations. It doesn’t need you to always be together because it lives in the heart.

No matter how bad the falling out, real friends never part. They can fight, argue, not talk to each other for a while, but they know that they are always there for each other.

Strong friendship requires sacrifices. When people become friends, they bring their traits into friendship. This is why it is important to know who your friends are.

While some persons are in need of love and light, other are toxic and will pull you down deliberately.

True friendship has no room for ego and self. It is all about the other person and how much we can do for each other.

How to build a strong friendship.

A strong friendship is one that defies the odds. It is a deliberate action on the part of all involved. You have to deliberately work towards building a strong friendship. One person cannot hold the friendship together. Although there is a friendship where individuals are the glue holding the friendships, a strong friendship requires everyone to be willing to work for it.

This means that your friendship is wholly dependent on how much effort you and your friends put into it.

Determination to keep your friendship strong and alive s what will sustain it regardless of time, distance and infrequent communication.

There is something about knowing that you and your friends are putting the same effort into your friendship to make it work.

It gives you the confidence that your friendship is worth fighting for, and you should fight for it. It should be something you cherish because friendship is essential.

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