Protect All Children Even If They Are Not Yours

Children are the most precious gift we could ever receive in this lifetime. All kids deserve to be treated with love, respect, compassion and care. A child is an innocent human being, no child should ever be mistreated in any way and all children should always be shown love and great care. It doesn’t matter if it’s not your child, all children are most deserving of a fair chance in this life. All children should be protected at all times and guided through this life with empathy and respect. If we ever see a child being hurt, or mistreated, we should never ignore a situation and leave a child in harms way. Always offer a helping hand to a struggling parent. More often than not, they will appreciate you for your kindness and even look up to you because you show general concern for their child. Every child is a gift from God. Every child is deserving of total love and support. Every child deserves to feel important and loved. Every child should never go unprotected in this lifetime. Love all the kids God has given us.

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