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Never forget when a child gives you a gift

I love the innocence of a child. Their hearts are pure and they always want and will strive to please you and see a smile on your face. Children don’t have access to money so the gifts they give you come straight from their heart and the imagination of their thoughts. Anytime a child gives you something, if it’s a weed picked as a flower or a picture they have colored for you, they are doing it from to goodness of their precious young heart. Any gift from a child should be treasured in your heart. These are tender moments that will live on with you forever. Always praise and love them when they give you gifts, this is how we teach love and compassion to our children at a very young age. If they’ve given you a flower or painted you a picture leave it on display so your child sees you are proud of what they’ve given you. It is a tender gift from their heart.

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