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When people don’t know what’s going on

In life, regardless of what you do, people are going to talk. It doesn’t matter if you’re up in life or if you’re down, people love to speculate. Some people have nothing better to do, so they thrive on starting drama. And the minute they think they know what you’re up too, they begin fabricate the life you live. They blow stories completely out of proportion to make you look bad while they are seeking attention to the stories they’re telling. Once the reality hits them in the face of the good you’re really doing, they learn to hate. More often than not jealousy is the cause, because they lack what you have. I don’t mean they lack your material possessions, they lack who you are as a person, your character. These types of people never really grow, they never mature and they lack total compassion for other humans and sadly live a life of complete unhappiness. Never let these types of people bring you down. Keep doing you, make choices you can live with and let them talk! You know the goodness of your heart, just keep walking your path and setting a good example for others. Remember who you are and let nobody ever break your spirit.

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