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The hardest part about being a parent

The hardest part about
being a parent is watching
a child go through
something really tough
and not being able
to fix it for them

We have compiled a list of parents quotes everyone should read

Don’t anger Your
parents in order to
please other people.
Those other people
did not spend their
lives building yours.

I have my parents to
thank for that, they raised
me to be active and play
all sports. They taught me
the importance of staying
healthy, being focused
and setting goals in
whatever I do.

my parents raised me
right. They taught me
to believe in myself
and have confidence in
me. -ELISE

My dear kids, if you can just
see yourselves through my
eyes you would see you’re

The truth is that a parent
can not ever see her child
suffering no matter what
happens in life.

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