Great Kobe Bryant and His daughter Dies In Helicopter Crash

we pray for the mama who didn’t know she could be this strong. Lord, she doesn’t know how she will push through for her other children, but she knows her strength comes from You. She might have thought she was strong before, but the strength she will have to show now will require your help. Lord, it’s just all so much, for any mama to imagine—receiving the dreaded phone call no one would ever want to receive. Tonight we ask You to help her. Lord, surround her with comfort and give her strength and remind her she doesn’t have to do it alone—You are beside her. You are there with her. You see her. Lift off the heaviness. Hold back the fear. Blow away all the tears and pull her near. All mamas lift up Vanessa Bryant tonight, and we ask this in Your Mighty name, Amen.

kobe with His daughter

He was a Legend. He was all Star basketball player for the LA Lakers. Today him and his daughter killed in tragic helicopter accident.

He was only 41 and daughter only 13. He leaves behind wife and 3 younger daughters. God bless them all.

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