Daily Quotes

I’m sending a dove to Heaven

I’m sending a dove to Heaven
with a parcel on its wings,
be careful when you open it.
It’s full of beautiful things.
Inside are a million kisses,
wrapped up in a million hugs
to say how much I miss you,
and to send you all my love.
I hold you close within my
heart and there you will
remain, to walk with me
throughout my life
until we meet again.

Until We Meet Again
Those special memories of you
will always bring a smile.
‘If only could have you back
for just a little while.
Then we could sit and tack again,
just like we used to do.
you always meant so Very much
and always will too.
The fact that you’re no longer here
will always cause me pain,
“But you’re forever in my heart
until we meet again.

Right now I’m in a different place,
And though we seem apart,
I’m closer than I ever was,
I’m there inside your heart.
I’m with you when you greet each day
And while the sun shines bright,
I’m there to share the sunsets too,
I’m with you every night.
I’m with you when the times are good,
To share a laugh or two,
And if a tear should start to fall,
I’ll still be there for you.
And when that day arrives
That we are no longer a
I’ll smile and hold you close me,
Forever in my heart

My angel up in heaven,
I wanted you to know,
I feel you watching over me,
everywhere I go.
I wish you were here with me,
but that can never be,
Memories of you in my heart,
that only I can see.
My angel up in heaven,
I hope you understand,
That I would give anything,
if I could hold your hand.
I’d hold you oh so tightly,
and never let you go,
And all the love inside of me,
to you I would show.
My angel up in heaven,
for now, we are apart,
You’ll always live inside of me,
deep within my heart.

Don’t remember me with sadness,
Don’t remember me with tears,
Remember all the laughter,
We’ve shared throughout the years.
Now I am contented
That my life it was worthwhile,
Knowing that I passed along the way
I made somebody smile.
When you are walking down the street
And you’ve got me on your mind,
I’m walking in your footsteps
Only half a step behinds
So please don’t be unhappy
Just because I’m out of sight,
Remember that I’m with you
Each morning, noon and night.

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