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Divorce is okay

Divorce is okay.
Breaking up is okay.
Starting over is okay.
Moving on is okay.
Being alone is okay.
What is not okay is
staying somewhere
you’re not valued
and appreciated.

There are no perfect
husbands and no
perfect wives, but if
you’ll keep believing
in each other, there will
be plenty of perfect
moments in your

People who have
been single for too long
are the hardest to love,
because they have become
so used to being single,
independent and
self-sufficient that it takes
something extraordinary
to convince them that they
need you in their life.

When someone
lies to you, it’s because
they don’t respect you
enough to be honest,
and they think you’re
too stupid to not know
the difference.

No matter
how badly someone
treats you, never drop
down to their level.
Remain calm, stay
strong, and walk

You’re only
overlooked, rejected
and ignored by
people who are not
meant to be in your
life. Let go in peace,
look ahead and in

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