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Don’t kill people with kindness

Don’t kill people with kindness,
because not everyone deserves your
kindness. Kill people with silence,
because not everyone deserves.

You’ll never
find another me,
Not sure if that’s
a good thing or
a bad thing, but
it’s the truth.

I spent too
many years putting
somebody else
happiness before
my own so if you
see me enjoying my
life, let me.

At your absolute
best, you still won’t
be good enough for
the wrong person.
At your worst, you’ll
still be worth it to
the right person.

Family isn’t always
blood. It’s the people in
your life who want you in
theirs. The ones who
accept you for who you
are. The ones who would
do anything to see you
smile & who love you no
matter what.

It’s funny how
many friends you
lose when you stop
reaching out to
them first.

The ones who love
you never leave you.
Even if there are
hundred reasons to
give up, they will find
one reason to
hold on.

Not all men
are the same.
There are actually
some real decent
men out there
that know and
understand the
worth of a good

A strong
woman will
stop trying if she
feels unwanted,
She won’t fix it or
beg, she’ll just
walk away.

The strongest
people make time
to help others,
even if they are
struggling with their
own problems.

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