Daily Quotes

Those we love don’t go away

Those we love
don’t go away, they
walk beside us
everyday. Unseen,
unheard, but always
near. Still loved, still
missed and very dear.

When sadness
fills your heart.
When tears flow in
your eyes. Always
remember three
things: God is with
you. Still with you.
Always with you.

She was a forgiver;
her heart was so large.
She didn’t know how to give
upon people, because she
always believed the good
in those she loved. It was
until she was walked on
so many times, she had
no choice but to let go
of those who burned holes
in her heart.

When your heart is
breaking for someone who
is broken, but your words
can’t reach them and your
love can’t save them, ask
the angels to go where you
cannot. To whisper into
their heart what their ears
can’t hear: “We will not
give up on you. Don’t give
up on yourself.”
— Sandra Kring

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