Daily Quotes

Your storms are only temporary

Your storms are only
temporary, but the
Blessings of God
Last Forever. Amen

Lord, please put a shield
around my family today,
Please wrap them with
love and protection.

Never lose hope,
Just when you think
it’s over, God sends
you a Miracle.

Today, I just
want to thank
God for the gift of life,
No complaints,
No requests,
Just thankful to
be alive.

Dear God, If I
am wrong, right
me. If I am lost,
guide me, If I
start to give up
Keep me going
Lead me in light
and love,

MAMA HOME, A million
times I’ve needed you,
a million times I’ve cried,
If love alone could have
saved you, you never
would have died, In life I
loved you dearly, in death,
I love you still, In my heart
you hold a place, no one
else can ever fill, It broke
my heart to lose you, but
you didn’t go alone, Part
of me went with you,
the day God took you home.

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