Daily Quotes

Somebody died last night

Somebody died
last night,
but, we didn’t,
didn’t wake up
this morning,
but, we did,
We are not lucky,
we are blessed,

Before we
God for
we must
first him for

Dear Lord,
I need a favor,
Would you
hug my mom
and place
a kiss upon
her cheek and
tell her
it’s from me?

I woke up,
I have clothes
to wear, I have
running water,
I have food
to eat,
Life is good
I am thankful.

Your next
tears will be
tears of joy,
God is
moving on
your behalf
right now,

Have you
ever been
dead broke,
but God still
made a way ?

Dear God, I kneel down before you at this moment. Please enlighten what is dark in me, strengthen what is weak in me, mend what is broken in me, heal what is sick in me, and revive whatever peace and lovet hat has died in me. This is my prayer for me, my family, friends, my enemies and even those who hate me. Amen

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