The hardworking student who spent 12 years homeless, graduates as valedictorian

On the school graduation day while flipping the yearbook or listening to speeches of some of the students who were privileged to speak, will open your eyes to so many things.

There are always people in the class that we might feel we know something about them, but in the end, we will come to know we have no idea about anything.

Griffin Furlong was one of the people their stories left people in awe after his special speech at their graduation ceremony as part of his honor at achieving valedictorian. He got 95 percent for all assignments has managed to maintain a GPA score of 3.9-4.0.

To many, it might not be a huge achievement owing to the fact it can be achieved by being dedicated, but in the case of Griffin Furlong, it’s a big feat as the teenager was homeless.

He spent over 12 years on the streets, shelters, and people’s couches.

Griffin didn’t have the perfect family and his dad was not financially stable while he lost his mother to cancer.

All that was left was his father and young brother who he spent over a decade with on the streets. Studying was harder because he didn’t have a place to study or sleep, he had to pull through somehow.

He was able to top his class and while presenting his speech he said “giving up isn’t an option.”

“I can’t even count the number of sleepless nights I spent alone on a cold plastic mattress. I cried, internally hoping that my life would soon wash away so I would not have to bear the hardships of a seemingly evil world.”

He continued: “I never gave up, no matter how bad I wanted to. To everyone sitting here before me, do not live a life without purpose. Deep down inside you know you have something to show. So whether you realize it or not, never make excuses, especially when you have a loving family able to give you what you need and want.”

During his final days in high school, his girlfriend’s family came through for him and was given a room. He has plans of getting a degree in engineering at Florida state.

He said to ABC News, “I just want to show that anyone can do it, no matter what you’ve been through. I never want to live that life again. I do everything I do because I don’t want to live like that.”

In an interview with TODAY.COM, he said “Just never give up.”

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