The Smiles of a newborn baby while in the arms of his mother during her last moments has left many speechless

The birth of a newborn always comes with joy to everyone, and many terms it as a blessing, but it was one of the most difficult moments for this Grandma after losing her child to the cold hands of death.

On September 9, the UK grandma welcomed her grandson Parker John, but his mother Teegan Barnard was in a critical condition.

The 17-year old had a healthy 9lb 90z boy in September 2019, but she has serious complications along the way, a cardiac arrest which later led to her death several weeks later.

Abbie and Parker’s father promises to raise the little boy in the best way possible and to let him know when he grows up that his mother loves him so much.

According to the Sun, she could have been the best mom in the world and couldn’t wait to meet her little bunny, but the worst happened.

Abbie made sure, her daughter was with her little boy during her last moments and took a lot of pictures to show Parker when he gets older.

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Abbie said she could have been the best mummy in the world. She had so much love for him and didn’t even get to show him. . . I’d do anything to have her back — I miss her more than anything in the world. We were more like best friends than mother and daughter.”

Having a picture of Parker in her mum’s arms during her last moments is one of the greatest moments to behold.

The grandmother captured a rare picture of Parker smiling in his mother’s arms and he feels so happy and loved. The little boy was all happy and had a wide smile being in the arms of her dying mother and it seems like they connected so well before her demise.

“I put them together at every possible moment,” Abbie says. “Now she has gone, we dress Parker in vests with his mum’s picture on. I want to keep her close to him always.”

I hope Parker will be showered with lots of love and he will grow up knowing that his mother so much loved him and she fought to stay, but death had other plans.

Our warm wishes go to Tegan’s family and we hope they stay strong and may they be able to overcome this heartache.

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