4 Decades later, Tommy Steele has a lot to share about Elvis Presley

Tommy Steele is an American pop star and his album was the first album by a UK to reach 1 in his native country.

He was quite close to Elvis Presley and hung out with him during those days.

Stories are saying Elvis Presley never traveled to England, but Steele has a counter opinion.

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There have been numerous oppositions concerning Steele being a ”rock ‘n’ star”. Some belief, he’s a musician and isn’t a “rock ‘n’ roll star”; some think he’s a genuine “rock ‘n’ roll star”.

Tommy Steele is one of the first, if not the first rock ‘n’ roll stars from England. Steele first worked on a ship before going into music and even becoming friends with Elvis Presley, the Greatest of all time.

The truth about their friendship came to light after 50 years of shares secrets and it’s shocking to many how far they were able to keep their secret safe.

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Tommy Steele doesn’t care about the money he makes and it’s so shocking to many how he became a celebrity.

Tommy didn’t just get into the show business, he has always been a showman in his early days and it was during his late teenage days he came in contact with the entertainment business for the first time.

Sir Thomas Hicks professionally knows as Tommy Steele was born on December 17, 1936.

His childhood wasn’t so dreamy as he spent a greater part of his childhood in the hospital.

Steele suffered porphyria, a neuropathic illness affecting the stomach.“The war had been over three or four years, and I was trapped in a hospital bed,” he recalled. “It was only when these red spots exploded on my ankles the docs realized I had the King’s Disease.

 I learned of the madness I panicked – and so did my mum.”

Tommy Steel’s life took a major turn after his first performance in England as his talent became the talk of many.

“All of a sudden, I’m the first rock ‘n’ roll singer because no one my age played guitar or could sing country in England,” Tommy told the Daily Record in 2008.

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Talking about Tommy Steele and Elvis meeting each other, finally Tommy Steele opened up about their secret together.

 with the Daily Mail, Steele, meanwhile, was very discrete about the alleged meeting with Elvis.

“What happened many years ago is something secret and memorable,” he said. “It was an event shared by two young men sharing the same love of their music and the same thrill of achieving something unimaginable.

“I swore never to divulge publicly what took place and I regret that it has found some way of ‘getting into the light’

“I can only hope he (Presley) can forgive me.”

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