Tim Robbins Early life, Net worth and secret marriage

Tim Robbins was born on 16 October 1958. He was raised as Catholic. He was born in California but raised in New York. Tim moved to Greenwich Village. And he started acting at the age of 12.


Firstly Tim Robbins started to perform in theaters. But soon started dramas too. In 1984 he had his first debut in the movie B-movie Toy Soldiers. Furthermore, he appeared in many more movies as well.

Best movie:

The movie “The Sure Thing” got so much popularity around the globe which Tim did in 1984. He was a man in the movie who used to pick kids from college and also offers them a ride. His performance in this movie was extremely appreciated.

Net worth:

Tim Robbins is not only an American actor but also a director, screenwriter, producer, and musician. Therefore he earns a lot from his multi-talented nature.

Tim Robbin’s net worth is $70 million. His fate is the conclusion of his hard work and involvement in several projects. Although maintaining different tasks is difficult only a few people can do it. And Tim is one of them.

Present time:

Tim Robbins is at the age of 63 now. The actor now lives in Loss Angeles. He still works for his career and is best known for his acting. He has always been in the spotlight. However many hurdles came in his life but he managed and never led the circumstances to control his personal life or career.

Marital life:

Tim Robbins filed for divorce now after getting secretly married to his girlfriend Gartiela Brancusi. He has two sons from Sarandon who he has met at a film and then lived together.

They got married in 1967 and had divorced in 1979. His wife still uses his name with her name because she was only 20 when they got divorced and she thought changing her name at this time can spoil her career. Therefore she still put his name with her name.

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