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Thing about me you don’t know

I’m not shy; I’m a noticer. I am a thinker; I’m an observer. I am not stuck up; I’m not anti-social. I treasure my solitude; I’m not a fan of small talk, I prefer a few close friends. I am reserved until I’m not; I appreciate a true connection. If we connect, you matter to me.

I have studied life and I know that everything good never comes easily. I have seen better days and worst days too; I have been betrayed by people I always held in high esteem, people I trusted with my life have at some certain points in life hurt me, but it never stopped me from moving forward.

I have gone days without eating, because I had nothing to feed on, but people who never knew where I came from will never believe when I tell them stories about myself.

I wasn’t born with a golden spoon; my parents left so soon and I was left to cater for myself in this lonely world.

I trained myself through school, and I made myself what I am today. Don’t let situations and conditions chose your path or create your destiny; you can do better than that.

I didn’t have a good background, but I created that for myself. I didn’t want situations I couldn’t control to determine my future.

I decided to create everything I ever wanted, and make the best out of my existence. I decided to be a better person, and create the paradise I ever wished for so that my kids won’t suffer the same fate.

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