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Feelings are delicate

Don’t play on any one’s feelings, because even the strongest feelings expire when taken for granted.

Feelings are delicate and should be treated with care and love. It is just like a balloon a little prick and it’s gone forever.

Many at times, we seem to play with people’s feelings; we hurt them because we feel that they will always be there for us no matter how we treat them.

We feel like it’s not our fault that we are loved by people, and for that, we have every reason to treat them like trash.

I once had a boyfriend who can go any length for me; we were friends from college until we started working in the same firm he decided to seal whatever we had together.

I never liked him, but I decided to hold on to him because he has been a good friend and I felt like I owe him.

Many times I told him that I didn’t have feelings for him, and I don’t know if I was going to develop it anytime soon, he said he was going to wait.

I saw that he loved me a lot and was willing to do anything for me. I started giving him cold shoulders, I was going out his friends, and each time he comes back begging me to stop, and when I ever mention to break up with him, he comes back begging.

I was enjoying the bossy feeling and forgot I was hurting him and he might reach his limits. I broke with him, as usual, one faithful Saturday, I was expecting his unending calls, and text messages to accept him back; I didn’t get any.

Well, two weeks after I saw his marriage banners and his wedding card on my office table. I never expected it, it hurt me then that he did something like that, but I knew it was entirely my fault as I neglected his feelings and trampled on them.

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