This prediction was made by Paul Harvey in 1965. Hear His Horrific Words Now

“I gladly helped my father bail hay in the sweltering summers of my boyhood in the 1970s. In those golden years, a little transistor radio that faithfully accompanied me during those long days was where I discovered calm.

I would park the tractor under the copious shade of a large tree and take a rest at noon, when the sun was at its maximum. My meal would smell so beautiful it would tempt me to sit down and eat.

But more than just the cuisine, it was Paul Harvey’s captivating voice that actually sent me back to my younger years.

During those times, I was surrounded by my family’s warmth—parents, siblings, grandmothers, aunts, and uncles—all of them were vibrant and full of life. Oh, how I long for those wonderful moments!”

Paul Harvey’s voice was a formidable force from 1952 to 2008, reaching a staggering 24 million listeners per week. More than 1,200 radio stations, 400 AFN stations, and 300 newspapers carried his resonant tones.

His well-known radio programme “The Rest of the Story” in particular captivated listeners all around the world. By discovering Paul Harvey’s interesting demeanour, America discovered a rare gem.

People listened to him not just for his enthralling tales and vast knowledge, but also for the calming and recognisable timbre of his voice, which had the unique ability to transport listeners to distant places.

Even the novice listener could learn valuable life lessons from this extraordinary man. I wonder if such meditation and introspection are as frequent in today’s fast-paced society, and I want for them.

In contrast, Paul Harvey methodically crafted an article and polished it multiple times before beginning his brilliant television career.

The content of his piece is intriguing, open to multiple interpretations—literal or metaphorical—and resonates strongly irrespective of the lens through which it is seen.

Paul Harvey reads the 1996 version of this piece in an audio clip, showcasing his brilliance.

Some of his “predictions” are incredibly prescient. Harvey’s timeless advice holds true as “The Rest of the Story” progresses: “Trust in God, and He will lead us through the challenges we face.”

The foundation of Paul Harvey’s greatness was his unwavering dependability. Nothing rang more true than his well-known “Letter From God” broadcast, which conveyed an inspirational message to millions of fortunate listeners:

God “looked upon His planned paradise on the eighth day and saw that it needed a keeper.” God thus created a farmer. The profundity of this sentence is enough to catch one’s attention.

Ram Truck was intrigued by this idea and employed intriguing graphics to bring Paul Harvey’s moving “God Made A Farmer” broadcast to life. If you have liked hearing Paul Harvey’s recognisable voice, I implore you to tell a close friend about this enlightening experience since wisdom shared is wisdom multiplied.

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