Time And Distance is not a Barrier to True Love

We have heard sad stories of star crossed lovers who never ended up together, and somehow that has warped our sense of true love. We have come to believe that there are things true love cannot withstand, but here is the truth: If two years are meant to be together, they will. There are, of course, factors that arise against true love, but there is an assurance of those factors being overcome. It takes a lot of sacrifice on the part of the two persons involved, but it is worth it. When it comes to true love, distance only serves to make the heart grow fonder. Time and distance are inconsequential when it comes to two hearts that are meant to be together.

Life happens, and sometimes we get discouraged from fighting for what we want. People move, get new jobs, extreme circumstances can even cause two persons who are meant to be to be on opposite sides of the world. There are no limits to true love, and the earlier we understand this, the easier it becomes for us to know if what we have is true love or not.

Distance and sacrifices

Some people who are meant to be together will not have to struggle for their love. They meet each other, fall in love, and remain together till death. Not so for everyone, some persons will have to struggle for their love. They will have to fight to be together. They might have to fight against society, culture, tradition, race, family, beliefs, class, and sometimes even themselves. When this kind of situation arises, the power of true love comes to play. In such cases, all the couple has is their love, and when they remain true to that love, it will always excel. Take, for example, a couple who come from different backgrounds. Everything about them is different: country, culture, beliefs, e.t.c. They meet and fall in love because their hearts are meant for each other. Perhaps, they meet in school, and now it is time to return home. There is a high possibility that both of them will face challenges from their families. There are several cases where parents pay off their child’s partner to stay away. Some families will go as far as threatening the person or attacking them. They will forbid them from seeing each other—unfortunately, too cant stand in the way of true love. Even if they end up with different people, their hearts will pine for each other. They will never be happy until they are together. Life has a way of bringing two hearts that aren’t to be together. No matter how many forces are against them, they always find their way to each other. We should also try to lay aside our beliefs and mindsets and allow love to thrive. We should not try and come between true love, regardless of our personal opinions. Everyone desires to be loved, so why should you come in between others.

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