Tina Turner’s 2nd Spouse Sacrificed an Organ to Save Her Because He ‘Didn’t Want Another Woman’

Tina Turner’s divorce from Ike Turner was well publicised and did not end well. It did make the Queen of Pop wary of marrying again. Despite this, she was able to locate and seize a second opportunity at love. Erwin Bach, her second husband, is so committed to her that he gave her his kidney to save his own life.

Tina Turner’s first marriage to Ike Turner, a musician, was a disaster. Ike was physically and emotionally aggressive. Tina finally left him fourteen years later after their marriage didn’t last. Turner wasn’t sure about finding love a second time, let alone marriage, after her horrific first marriage. But she couldn’t help herself when she first met Erwin.

Tina and Erwin first met in 1985, when Erwin, a 30-year-old German music executive, was assigned to pick Tina up from the Frankfurt airport. Tina was 47 at the time and already a global superstar. “Love at first sight,” she says of her feelings for Erwin.

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“He had the most beautiful face.” It was impossible to miss. It was as if you were asking, “Where did he come from?” He was actually rather attractive. My heart skipped a beat. It denotes the meeting of two souls.

In a documentary, she said, “My hands were shaking.” “Even back then, I might have ignored my feelings, listening to the ghost voices in my head telling me that I didn’t look well that day or that I shouldn’t be thinking about romance because it never ends well.” Instead, I followed my heart’s lead. I got out of my comfort zone and made it a point to learn everything I could about Erwin.”

Erwin claims that the connection wasn’t as immediate for him as it was for Tina. He was focused on his work and wasn’t thinking about love or finding his future love. He was only doing his job, which was to pick up the megastar from the airport before her concert. As a result, he was not nervous and was rather relaxed. They got along swimmingly.

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