Tom Selleck has been married for over 30 years. Here is his secret

Tom Selleck became popular in the ’80s because of his popular role in ”Magnum P. I.”

Tom is a successful actor who always places his family above everything; in that way, his marriage can last forever. 

He has an Emmy award for outstanding lead actor in a drama series. 

His career started after he played the role of an investigator in the series Magnum P.I; he went to feature on other series like the young and the restless, the wide world of mystery, Marcus Welby.

He was also in three-man and a baby, three men, and a little lady as well as other movies.

People always thought Tom was gay, but he defied all those assumptions and married Jillie Joan Mack in 1987 and they are raising two beautiful daughters together.

Tom saw Jillie for the first time when he was 38 years old. Tom was love-struck from the first day he saw her and ever since then he always came to watch her.

The two fell in love with each other and got married in 1987 and they are still married up until now. The two love birds moved to Hawaii where Tom was filming ”Magnum P. I.”

Their first child was born in 1988 and they moved to the ranch. They separated their career life from their personal life and they raised their daughter without putting her in the spotlight. 

Selleck was once married to model Jacqueline Ray, their marriage lasted for 10 years, and has an adopted son Kevin.


Their first daughter, Hannah Margaret is 31 years and she’s a professional equestrian. They didn’t force their choice of career down her throat and let her choose her path.

Tom said they always consulted each other on decisions concerning their children and even if one doesn’t support the decision of the other, they always come to a favorable ground.

Tom and Hannah have a breeding boutique in the Hidden Valley. The duo is very passionate about horses and they wanted to prove that horses can be produced in the states. 


Tom uses his free time to watch ice hockey games and also spends time alone in his ranch.

Tom Selleck as popular or busy as his schedule is,  always balance between work and how family. He doesn’t leave one in the quest for another and that’s why he’s still married to his sweetheart.

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