The love life of Sir Tom James:

Sir tom James is the best-known music icon. Many playing stories have been related to him over the years but his wife had always been a supportive lady. His wife’s name was Linda. Tom and Linda got married when they were only 16 years old and stayed in love till the last breath of their lives.

But it was an upsetting moment when Linda died of cancer in 2016 and Tom said he will not love any other woman ever again. Tom had canceled all his concerts when Linda was fighting cancer. He had a hard time bearing all the situation and didn’t have had the strength to sing loudly with the broken heart.


He revealed about favorite song of Linda “Bob Dylan’s”. Tom blamed himself for Linda’s death. He said that Linda always refused to go to the doctor and he should have forced her for that but he didn’t. Tom quoted “Surrounded by her husband and loved one’s she passed away peacefully”.

He told “when my wife passed away I didn’t think I could sing. When you’re emotional you can’t sing, your voice closes up. There are certain songs I wouldn’t do but you have to try and get things in the right perspective. Felling emotional, use it to your advantage and put it into the song”.


He fulfilled one of her wishes and moved on to London after her death. Linda was from England and always wanted to get back to her roots. Tom said, “she always wanted to come back and then she could not do it, so then she told me to do it in the last week she was alive”. Tom Jones had two sones.

One from Linda and one from another lady with whom he had been in a relationship. Tom loved his wife unconditionally but when it came to the tours around the world, Tom had been in many affairs but no one knows what Linda thought of his secret life affairs.

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