What Ashley Bratcher from ‘’My 600-Lb Life’’ looks like after her insane weight loss

Many of us were captivated by Ashley Dunn Bratcher the first time we saw her in the series ‘’My 600-Lb Life.’’ Her inspiring weight loss journey captured our hearts.

The 27 years was outstanding amidst others; there was something about her I wanted to know‚ and this made me watch the series for sake of seeing Ashley.

Ashley checked into the fourth season of the series as one of the heaviest people and looking at who we all saw in the series she’s a different person today.

Ashley has been obese all her life and she knows the consequences to her health and her life was ticking on the clock.  She weighed over 725 pounds at the onset of the series ‘’My 600-Lb Life.’’

Ashley was by the doctors that she isn’t going to live past age 30 if she didn’t change her feeding habits. She started taking candies‚ sweet and huge amounts of food from when she was just six.

Ashley couldn’t move any longer; she had to ask her little son to help with the house chores. Her weight made it impossible for her to move as she could only stand up for five minutes. She was always in constant pain and her 5-year-old son had to do everything.

She couldn’t live a normal life because of her weight. She was married to the love of her life and they have kids together; people often wondered how this negative spiral started.

Ashley opened up about her childhood and she mentioned that at her seventh grade she already weighed 250lb. she was abandoned by her mother who is a drug addict and Ashley’s only source of comfort and happiness was food. She blamed her overweight and food obsession on her mom; she thinks maybe if she didn’t leave her and her siblings‚ her life could have been different.

Ashley decided to lose some weight for the sake of her son. She was put on a calorie-restricted weight loss program by Dr. Nowzaradan‚ a weight loss surgeon.

The motivated Ashley lost 123 pounds, to begin with, and after surgery, she had some setbacks four months after and had to remove an ulcer and gallbladder.

The whole weight loss journey has been so draining both physically and emotionally‚ but she was determined to live a normal life like everyone else.

The latest image of Ashley left everyone in awe and seems she learned how to control the intake of sugar‚ her determination paid off.

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