U.S. soldier snapped standing to attention in the pouring rain – let’s pay him tribute

When I was young, respect was something feeded in me by my parents. And the story which I am gonna narrate is all about respect but you just need a broad and respectful mind to get into it.

The story is about the picture of a soldier standing attentively in the rain. Firstly i am thankful to the clicker of the picture and then to those who shared it and made it viral all over the world.

The picture got viraled shortly and he came into the spotlight. In July 6, 2017. Erin Hester was sat at an intersection on a highway in Vine Grove, Kentucky. She noticed a soldier standing in rains attentively. She watched him for the couple of minutes. She reliazed that there was a funeral procession passing by.

Although he didn’t knew the deceased, nor was the part of the procession but still saluted. Hester thought she shouldn’t miss the moment and take a picture. And she did so. The picture she took was uploaded to social media which get alot of love and attention.


Hester wrote on profile of her Facebook “was so completely touched by this today. A funeral procession was passing by and this soldier got out of his jeep to stand at attention in the pouring rain. I always get frustrated when I see cars that don’t pull to the side and stop for a procession, but this gentlemen went above and beyond.”

She added ““I feel pretty confident that there isn’t a military rule that soldiers have to do this. This made my heart happy to see the amount of respect that this gentleman showed a family that he doesn’t even know”

But the soldier didn’t accepted praising. He said instead “I’m humbled and surprised at the reaction to such a simple gesture.

My first thoughts were about how the bad weather can’t be helping how the family feels and I was hoping my small action would let them know we care.”

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