What Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ grandfather revealed in his final text message to him from his grandson

Eddy Boss shared the last text message Stephen sent him before his dying in an interview with the Daily Mail, admitting that they “had no clue that anything was out of the ordinary.”

I love you, Dad-Dad, the text message said, according to Eddy. The precise date that Stephen sent his grandfather that text message is unknown, but the grandfather claimed to have spoken to tWitch “as recently as Saturday on more than one occasion.”

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A picture of tWitch with his grandfather appeared in one of his final Instagram postings. It was written to commemorate Eddy’s 88th birthday.

tWitch and Allison celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on the same day that he and his grandfather both had birthdays.

Eddy continued by stating that his family—which includes Allison and their three kids—is “totally upset. We want to know, why? Where did it originate? Eddy questioned, stating that the last time they spoke, Stephen was still the “same happy-go-lucky person that he’s always been.”

Eddy continued by urging people to listen carefully when they are communicating with their loved ones. Every word has a purpose.

Earlier this morning, Mamas Uncut revealed that Stephen “tWitch” Boss allegedly left a suicide note for his family. Law enforcement claims that a note was found near or on tWitch at the time his body was discovered, according to TMZ.

According to police sources, the note “was an ambiguous reference to his past struggles,” according to TMZ. It’s uncertain whether or not the public will ever have access to the specifics of what was said in the message.

Investigators also discovered that tWitch took an Uber out of his house on Monday morning. During his stay at the motel, he put his phone in aeroplane mode to prevent being reached.

According to findings from the coroner’s office, tWitch passed away at a “hotel/motel” after sustaining a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, as Mamas Uncut previously reported. According to TMZ, tWitch checked into the motel on Monday, which is only one mile from the house he lived with his wife and kids.

The famed dancer did not seem noticeably upset, according to others who spoke with him at the hotel. According to a source who spoke to TMZ, tWitch was planning to leave the hotel room the following day, December 13, and was carrying a little bag.

After tWitch’s wife, Allison Holker Boss, raced into a nearby LAPD precinct on Tuesday morning to express her concern, police were able to find tWitch. She admitted to police that her husband had left the house but that his car was still there, which he never did.

They got a call that there had been a shooting at the motel tWitch was staying at not long after Allison arrived at the precinct.

According to TMZ’s conversations with staff members, no one heard a gunshot. The hotel is said to have “separate units, and the construction is in a U-shape,” allowing the noise to be muffled.

Around 11:15 a.m. PST, Stephen’s body was found, and he was declared dead there. The investigation into his death has been deemed “closed” by the coroner. The general public has not been given access to any more details.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to share that my husband Stephen has left us, Holker Boss stated in a handwritten statement acknowledging the death of her devoted husband. Stephen brought light into every space he entered. Above all else, he valued his family, friends, and community. He believed that the best way to lead was to lead with love and light. He was our family’s rock, the best husband and father, and an example to his followers.


Connie Boss Alexander, Stephen’s mother, also released a statement. Connie jotted down the following message next to a picture of tWitch while he was still a baby: “Family and friends, thank you for all the love, prayers, and support. Please be aware that I receive all calls, texts, and posts. I’m at a loss for words right now. I promise to get in touch whenever I can. Please keep us in your prayers going forward,” Connie said.

“Stephen Laurel, your mother loves you to eternity and beyond,” she said, turning to face her son. Then Connie referred to Stephen as “my boo boo”

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