The brief romance between Prince William and Rose Farquhar is revealed at her wedding

As the upcoming king and queen, Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a lot of responsibilities. The couple has a brand-new to-do list after assuming the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales following the Queen’s passing.

They typically go to engagements together, supporting one another when necessary and putting up a unified front for the cameras.


But they had to work separately last week. Although it wasn’t a mandate, William and Kate parted ways so that the Prince could attend Rose Farquhar’s wedding.

Royal fans may be aware that Rose isn’t just any individual at this point. No, she was William’s ex-girlfriend; they were romantically involved just before he met Kate.


Kate Middleton and Prince William are busy with their royal responsibilities. After relocating to Adelaide Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, their three children, Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis, have adjusted to their new Lambrook school.

The Prince and Princess of Wales made their first trip to the US in many years at the beginning of December. The trip had been planned for September, but it had to be delayed due to Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

However, as the Queen usually showed up for the customary walk, sources have informed the Mirror that William and Kate’s children will “bring a touch of lightness” mere months after her passing.

Even though William and Kate have returned to the UK from Boston in the US, their calendars are still very busy. That meant the future king had to go to a wedding last weekend without Kate by his side.

According to rumours, one of William’s ex-girlfriends was the one getting married.

William attended his ex-girlfriend Rose Farquhar and her wedding to George Gemmell on Saturday in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

The Prince attended the wedding dressed in a tux. He maintained a “low profile,” according to People.

The source described the wedding as “a stunning winter wedding in the snow.” “The bride and groom departed in the rear of a vintage Land Rover after driving through a tunnel of guests holding sparklers in the dark. The Cotswolds look stunning in the snow.

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