When Camilla’s relationship with Charles became known, one analyst believes she was terrified to go shopping and “hid in her house.

The history of Camilla, Queen Consort, as a member of the British Royal Family is extensive. She was not well regarded by the majority of the populace, therefore her transition to royalty was not easy.

Because of their affection for Princess Diana, people were outraged when it was discovered that she was then-Prince Charles’ mistress.


As was already said, Camila’s popularity suffered greatly, though things have since improved. However, royal authority and author Angela Levin now asserts that at the time, Camilla was reportedly too terrified to leave her residence and had to deal with “torrents” of abuse from the public.

The King of England and Camilla have been close friends for many years. In reality, they originally met during a polo event in 1972, which is where their love affair began.

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According to Charles and Camilla, Portrait of a Love Affair author Gyles Brandreth, their common acquaintance Lucia Santa Cruz, a Chilean ambassador’s daughter, introduced them.

When Charles departed to join the Royal Navy, the couple’s relationship came to an end. When he came back, Camilla had become involved and was engaged to Andrew Parker Bowles.


When Camilla and Charles made their relationship official, the Queen had a difficult time accepting her. However, the Queen Consort essentially vanished when the affair was made public years earlier because of how the people regarded her.

Charles admitted to have been unfaithful to Diana in a 1994 interview with Jonathan Dimbelby. By this point, the Princess had already spoken about it, but this was the first time Charles had officially endorsed the reports.


The identity of Prince Charles’ mistress wasn’t known at that time. But later that month, when Jonathan Dimbelby wrote the official biography of Charles in the Sunday Times, it was finally made plain that it was Camilla.

“There was no question about their love for one another. The prince discovered in Camilla Parker Bowles the warmth, understanding, and steadiness he had always sought but had never been able to find with anybody else, Dimbelby said at the time.

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Author of the 2022 book Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor and royal analyst Angela Levin told OK Magazine that Camilla had to deal with “torrents” of abuse from the public once the affair was made public. In order to escape criticism from the public, she was reportedly compelled to spend the majority of her time at home, according to Levin.

Additionally, according to the expert, Camilla feared going out to shop or visit stores. She was forced to send her buddies to run her errands instead.

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